17 - 20 May 2024

In 2024 ASOM will be held in the beautiful city of Leuven! We are very happy to announce that ASOM will now have 4 days of Sprint Orienteering. All races will be within walking distance from the city center.

17 MAY

Knock Out Quali (WRE Elite) ASOM Prologue


18 MAY

Knock Out Finals (WRE Elite)
ASOM 2 Sprint Races


19 MAY

Sprint (WRE Elite)
ASOM City Race


20 MAY

2x2 Sprint Relay



All races will take place near the city centre of Leuven.

We aim at using the same Event Center during the weekend, with the courses covering all parts of Leuven. 

An overview map is available here. On this google map all info will be added regarding to locations of Competition Centers, etc.

All bulletins will be published here.


Friday  May 17 – 19h00: Prologue
Saturday May 18 – 14h00 : Sprint 1
Saturday May 18 – 17h15 : Sprint 2
Sunday May 19 – 10h00 : City Race
Monday May 20 – 10h00 : 2×2 Sprint Relay


Friday  May 17 – 18h00: Knock Out Qualification (WRE)
Saturday May 18 – 13h00 : Knock Out Quarter Final
Saturday May 18 – 15h45 : Knock Out Semi Final
Saturday May 18 – 16h45 : Knock Out Final
Sunday May 19 – 10h00 : Sprint (WRE)
Monday May 20 – 10h00 : 2×2 Sprint Relay

All registrations should be made via Opunch (

Registrations will open in November 2023.

Registrations close 10/5/2024.

The registration fee for ASOM is stated below.

The categories Children -12 and Youth -16 get a 50% reduction on the prices below.

Early Bird Price (Until and including 31/01/2024)
ASOM All races (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) = 53 €
ASOM Friday = 10 €
ASOM Saturday = 18 €
ASOM Sunday = 15 €
ASOM Monday = 10 €

Normal Price (Until and including 05/05/2024)
ASOM All races (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) = 68 €
ASOM Friday = 12,5 €
ASOM Saturday = 23 €
ASOM Sunday = 20 €
ASOM Monday = 12,5 €

Late Price (From 06/05/2024
ASOM Friday, Saturday & Sunday = 75 €
ASOM Friday = 12,5 €
ASOM Saturday = 28 €
ASOM Sunday = 25 €
ASOM Monday = 12,5 €

Orienteers from a Belgian club get their invoice after the races via their clubs.

Foreign Orienteers can pay immediately upon registration in Opunch.

Bank details:

BE87 7330 6722 7494

We recommend to book your accommodation quite some time in advance as there is limited hotel capacity in Leuven. or airbnb has many options available.

The following categories will be used at ASOM.
Age is on 31/12/2024.

M/W CHILDREN -12 (Age <= 12)

M/W YOUTH -16 (13 <= age <= 16)

M/W JUNIOR -20 (17 <= age <= 20) 

M/W OPEN (open for everyone aged 17+)

M/W ELITE (open for everyone aged 17+)

M/W VETERAN 40+ (40 <= age <= 54)

M/W SUPERVETERAN 55+ (55 <= age <= 64)

M/W ULTRAVETERAN 65+ (65 <= age <= 74)

M/W HYPERVETERAN 75+ (75 <= age)

As always, ASOM takes care of the winners and lucky participants. 

–> There is an overall podium for all categories.
–> The top 5 in Men and Women Elite recieve prize money

The competition areas can be found here.

There is NO strict embargo on this zone. Moving around to your accommodation, restaurants and shops is allowed. No orienteering of any kind should take place within the embargoed areas until the competition day. Competitors should not gain familiarity of the terrain by walking or running around in the terrain, testing routechoices, with or without any map.

We offer a training camp before and after ASOM to everybody who wants to train some Sprint Orienteering! More details soon.

The Competition Center for the Mixed Relay will be at the Dr. Guislain Museum.


Dr. Guislain Museum
Jozef Guislainstraat 43B
9000 Gent


You can easily park at the parking of the museum.

18h00 Opening Event Office
19h40 Briefing & demo
20h00 Massstart (Men start first)
21h30 closing of the courses

Map: Dr. Guislain
Scale: 1/3000

Terrain: The race is held in a 19th century mental institution and its surroundings. It will be a tricky, beautiful and historical area with a lot of passages and hidden gems.

There are 3 categories:

The age of the youngest in the team will count for the categories:
For example:
a W65 and a M40 will run in the OPEN category.
a W65 and a M55 will run in the Masters 55+ category.

Teams should consist of 1 man and 1 woman.

Expected winning time for each leg is 7-8 min.

Here you can find the results of the Sprint Mixed Relay


Knock out Qualification (ELITE)
ASOM Prologue



The Saturday races all start from the same event center at the school IVV Sint Vincentius in Ghent.

Brandweerstraat 22
9000 Gent

St Lucas Hospital.

9h30 – ELITES – Knock Out Qualification
13h00 – ELITES – Knock Out Quarter Final
14h00 – ASOM Sprint 1
15h45 – ELITES – Knock Out Semi Final
16h45 – ELITES – Knock Out Final
17h15 – ASOM Sprint 2

There will be different maps used for this day of competitions.

Elite Qualifications will be run on the map of ‘Bijloke’. An old hospital with many corners.

The ASOM races and the KO Sprint finals will be around the Rabot and the St Lucas Hospital. A newly mapped area in Ghent! 

All races will have an expected winning time of 15 minutes.

Knock Out Sprint
Quali – 9 minutes
Quarter Final – 7 minutes
Semi Final – 7 minutes
Final – 7 minutes

Elites knocked out of the race can participate in the normal ASOM Sprints in the M Elite category.

The competition center at the Coyendanspark in Ghent. Next to the old ‘Sint- Baafs Abbey’. 

The following embargo is in place for the Elites on Sunday. 

The WRE Bulletin is available at Eventor.

8h30 competition centre opens
10h00 start in all categories
12h15 start top 10 Elites

This is a Sprint World Ranking Event for the Elite categorie.

Map: Ghent City
Scale: 1/4000

The area is a typical old Belgian city town with few parks, big squares and a river running through the city. Expect fast running in a beautiful surrounding with interesting routechoices.



ASOM Sprint Camp

The ASOM Training camp is organised for National Teams who build up a training camp around ASOM. 

Courses are made by Fabien Pasquasy (BEL team).

Individual national team runners can join these trainings as well by mailing to

Wednesday 16/8 AM & PM – 2 Sprint Trainings
Thursday 17/8 AM & PM – 2 sprint Trainings
Friday 18/8 AM – 1 Sprint Training

The first bulletin of the training camp is available here.

Each training costs € 7 per person.

This includes:
* SPORTident timing
* Waterproof maps printed by SPPrint
* Quality courses made by Fabien Pasquasy

Map with all locations of competitions and trainings below:


Please find the results of the AM training in Kortrijk HERE.

The Route analysis can be found HERE.

Please find the results of the PM Training in Kortrijk HERE.

The Route analysis can be found HERE

Please find the route analysis of the ASOM training in Gentbrugge HERE.



De Ghent City Run vind plaats op zondag 20 augustus en is geschikt voor beginnende (en ervaren!) oriëntatielopers!

We sturen je op deze 6km lange omloop langs de mooiste plekjes van Gent en testen je navigatieskills met veel leuke checkpoints.

Download de briefing hier

Het afhalen van de borstnummers, start en aankomst zijn in het Coyendanspark.

Coyendanspark 1
9000 Gent

Parkeren kan op de parking aan station Dampoort.

9h00 Opening onthaal in het Coyendanspark
09h45 Eerste start
11h00 Laatste start
13h00 Prijsuitreiking
14h00 Sluiting omloop

Deelnemen aan de ASOM City Run kost € 10.
Dit is inclusief:

  • oriëntatieloopkaart met omloop
  • huur tijdsregistratiechip SPORTident
  • verzekering tijdens de wedstrijd
  • Eindbevoorrading

De start is individueel (of in kleine groepjes van max 3 personen) waarbij er elke minuut een deelnemer aan zijn omloop begint. 

Je kan gewoon naar start gaan wanneer je wil starten en zal dan een starttijd krijgen of direct kunnen starten.

Bij orienteering moet je zo snel mogelijk checkpoints vinden, in de juiste volgorde, die staan aangeduid op een kaart. Elke deelnemer krijgt een chip mee die elke checkpoint registreert en de tijd bij houdt. 

De kaarten zijn getekend volgens symbolen vastgelegd door de internationale federatie en zijn dus over heel de wereld hetzelfde. Wil je weten hoe zo’n kaart eruit ziet? Kijk HIER eens naar de kaart van het centrum van Antwerpen.

Schrijf je hier in voor de
Zondag 20/8

After clicking on 'Confirm your registration' below your registration is final and you will receive an email with the details of your entry and the instructions for the payment. When approved by the organisation you will see your entry on See you soon!